John Cowen
Landscape Associates Ltd.


JCLA Ltd. has transplanted plants from 12-inch shrubs to trees at 30 feet tall. To dig, cut the roots cleanly, and wrap the rootball is a seriously tough job. Large trees usually require 2 layers of burlap and yards and yards of heavy-duty twine at minimum.

JCLA has an incredibly good success rate for transplants because we follow the proper guidelines and procedures, and we use the right machinery for the transporting and re-planting work. That includes getting the rootball set at exactly the right height in the soil, adding good, quality soil amendments (fertilizer, etc.), and using 3-point ‘guying’ using heavy-duty cables and soil anchors to stabilize the newly planted tree. With the above methods and careful monitoring, we ensure that each tree can send out new roots so no only does it survive, but thrive in its new location.