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ESTATES - grand in scale and atmosphere, consisting of appropriately proportioned design elements drawn with broad 'strokes' and a certain sophisticated simplicity.
COTTAGES - Cottage gardens contrast to the larger estate properties in their size and proportions. They can require greater detail in the design elements. foliage
SINGLE FAMILY - Providing the balance between providing for an aesthetically pleasing property in combination with adequate space for children to throw a ball and play is our specialty.
Waterfront - The seaside/water front is probably the greatest feature that the Hampton area has to offer, with emerald water, beautiful sandy beaches, and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. However, despite the beauty, these landscapes present limitations and challenges.
Pools - Swimming pools, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. We design pools and the surrounding areas that will fit your needs and interests and are appropriate in size for your property.
Deer Resistant - We have established a variety of trees, shrubs and perennials that are resistant to deer and still create visually appealing plant compositions. These plantings in combination with visually unobtrusive deer fencing can help to create a deer resistant property.


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