Landscapes in Winter


John Cowen Landscape Sag Harbor New York HamptonsThe landscape can generally look bleak in the winter. The leaves have dropped off the trees and shrubs and there are few flowers to be seen. The entire landscape can look gray and lacking vibrant colors that we are used to in the spring, summer and fall seasons.
John Cowen Landscape Sag Harbor New York HamptonsIn order to have some colorful variety on your property in the winter, I recommend planting a ʻstructureʼ of evergreens. They provide differing shades of greens in the winter, red-twigged Dogwoods and Willows also provide good winter color, as do trees such as some of the Maples and Lagerstroemia (Crape Myrtle) that have peeling bark.
John Cowen Landscape Sag Harbor New York HamptonsThere are shrubs, perennials and bulbs that flower in the winter to early spring: some Viburnums, Camellias, the Christmas Hellebore, Crocuses, and Snowdrops to name a few plants.
So, if you live in the Hamptons year round, rid yourself of the winter blues and plant these beautiful plants into your landscapes and provide yourself with some visual delights.

Good luck, John.

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