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The concept is simple and the results have proven successful. We are involved from the beginning of a project when we meet with a client, through to the implementation and completion stages. This means that each project gets the specific attention it requires and you get the landscape you’ve always wanted.
Many projects evolve while we work. With ‘design and build’ it is much easier to accommodate the sometimes changing needs of a client throughout the entire project. The process has proven so successful in the past that we have many clients who return to us for additional projects.


The process is as follows:
  • We will have an INITIAL MEETING to get to know one another. During this meeting, viewing some of the projects we have been involved with from our extensive portfolio will occur. We will get a basic understanding of what your project is going to involve. You will also receive a ‘Design Checklist’ to help us comprehend some of the specific tastes and requirements for your project.
  • A SURVEY of your property locating and recording the ‘existing conditions’ will be required. These records consist of important existing trees, shrubs bluffs, elevations, etc. This information is then entered into what will become a base layer for your property’s landscape design. If at all possible, we like to be provided with a digital version of the survey; if this is not possible, then a paper survey to a scale is essential.
  • A preliminary SKETCH DESIGN (an ideas drawing) is prepared.
  • MEETING to review the sketch design is scheduled. This allows you to see and have your input as to what the design intentions are before we finalize the design work, (see below)
  • A FINALIZED DESIGN with a more detailed idea of the client’s requirements is prepared with detailed drawings of notated hard landscape plans (what materials we are recommending for the paving, walls etc)  and a planting plan that tells you which plants we are recommending where, how may and what size they will be when they are plamnted Once the design phase is completed, a COST PROPOSAL is prepared, and when required, materials are listed and costs are totaled.
  • The proposal is then delivered for CLIENT APPROVAL. When the proposal is approved, then the IMPLEMENTATION stage can begin.